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Latest Updates

04/30/2018 – Members of our DemO3AC-team will be present at the Setac Europe in Rome, Italy from May 13th to May 17th to present latest results of the research project.


04/23/2018 – The official inauguration of the large-scale wastewater ozonation plant at the Aachen-Soers WWTP was held on April 12th successfully. Even the weather was well disposed towards the attendees.  


07/04/2017 – After a successful contribution at the 50th "Essener Tagung" by Ms. Klaer back in March 2017, members of our DemO3AC-team will participate at the 10th Micropol & Ecohazard Conference in Vienna in September. The topic of our presentation is „Mass Balance of Micropollutant Loads from Wastewater to Receiving Water Body and the Impact of Ozonation”.


02/15/2017 – The first symposium DemO3AC took place on January 26th, 2017 in the city of Aachen. The speakers presented results about the pollution with micropollutants in the investigated area, the pilot-scale ozonation plant (elimination of micropollutants and disinfection), the large-scale ozonation plant at the Aachen-Soers WWTP, the ecotoxicological evaluation of the investigated area, pathogens and their antibiotic resistances, the aquatic organisms as well as the statistical analysis of the data collected during phase 1a. Additionally, Mr. Schachtler (CEO of the Neugut WWTP in the city of Dübendorf) presented operating experiences of Switzerland's first large-scale ozonation plant. During lunch break, posters about the project and demonstrations of ecotoxicological tests were shown. 
I would like to thank the speakers, the team that supported me with the organisation and performance and of course all participants. Thank you also for exciting discussions and great interest in our project. 
The presentations can be downloaded via the following link: 
presentations symposium DemO3AC
Ira Brückner


12/12/2016 – we're getting closer to the end of phase 1a of the DemO3AC project but new things are coming: phase 1b will run until the end of 2017 and we are very excited. Phase 1b will cover an extended investigation area to take a closer look at the prior pollution to our Aachen-Soers WWTP, the Eilendorf WWTP. Furthermore, we add investigations of the habitat in the Wurm River by looking at macrozoobenthos etc. and also the toxicity emerging from sediments. Antibiotic resistances are still a very important aspect within our project and will be widened to multiple antibiotic resistances of selected pathogens. Keep posted!


11/21/2016 – The poster pitch and presentation about the DemO3AC project the IWA World Congress & Exhibition 2016 in Brisbane were successfully presented. Thanks to everybody for the great interest in our project and exciting discussions. For further questions, please use the "contact" option at the website and you will be directed to project management. 
The next presentation planned will be at the 50th "Essener Tagung" in March 2017.


07/15/2016 – We will be present at the IWA Word Water Congress & Exhibition 2016 in Brisbane, Australia. There will be a poster about the pilot-scale plant with results about elimination of micropollutants and germs, a presentation about monitoring "before ozonation" with results of chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological investigations (Ira Brueckner, M. Sc., 10/11/2016) and a presentation about the design of large-scale ozonation plants (Dr. Christopher Keysers). For more information see:


03/23/2016 – The project DemO3AC is presented at Setac 2016 in Nantes, France. Our partners from the Institute for Environmental Research will be present with three posters. We are looking forward to exciting discussions with you.


01/06/2016  Data about ozonation at the Aachen-Soers plant is generated by the pilot-scale plant for a while now. Additional tests about the ozone consumption of wastewater are carried out in the laboratory of the Institute for Environmental Engineering. Results serve as a foundation for the design of the large-scale ozonation plant. Also, data from monitoring was collected successfully in the last year. Investigations are ongoing and we are excited about the results during spring time. Spring might lead to different results, e. g. by the application of insecticides.


09/28/2015  The project DemO3AC was presented by our partner, the Institute for Environmental Research, and the WVER at DGL (German Association Limnology), September 21st to 25th in the city of Essen, Germany.  


09/14/2015  The project DemO3AC was presented by our partner, the Institute for Environmental Research, at the Setac GLB (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry – Europe German Language Branch e. V.), September 7th to 10th, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. 


08/25/2015 – Commissioning of the pilot-scale plant has begun; ozone is now being generated at the Aachen-Soers plant! First runs serve calibration of the plant. Afterwards, several operation modes will be tested. The pilot-scale plant serves to gather groundwork for the design of the large-scale ozonation plant. The photo shows the ozone container, oxygen tank system and housing of the ozone reactor. 



07/30/2015 – Monitoring of the status quo "before ozonation" of both Aachen-Soers WWTP and river Wurm started in July 2015. We are looking forward to a good cooperation. 


05/29/2015 – The pilot-scale plant was installed this week. Preparations for commissioning are made.

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05/08/2015 – DemO3AC is online with its own website!


04/17/2015 – Mr. Thomas Rolfs gives a presentation about the project "DemO3AC" at the 46th "Essener Tagung" in the city of Aachen, Germany. The article can be found in the proceedings of the conference (see also: Publications). 


12/08/2014 – The district government grants the funding of the project "DemO3AC".